Everything happens for a reason BUT 

Everything happens for a reason BUT it doesnt always feel like that. Im kinda down today which is fine, I'm used to it but the people around me seem to want so badly to try to fix me as if I'm broken. I'm just sad, I don't need nor want cheering up - you know what I mean ? Let me feel. You know what I'm saying ? Adele didnt write ‘Hello’ cause she was in a great mood. 

Mama Huevo - Out Now 

I didn't tell anyone I released it yet. I am starting to be more secretive; it's like my subconscious has a secret that I am not aware of yet … but kinda aware … does that make sense? 

Lets GO! 

I was ready to go full throttle on these songs I had been working on. I keep changing everything thinking I could make it better. Every time I change an element of the song it seems to throw the song off a bit like it's a completely new song. This mug (BEST FUCKING MUG EVER) describes how I feel. 

Worst Summer Ever Release 041724 

The song will come out tomorrow, I am excited. This feels like a good f'in year. The amount of hours I have spent on this song is CRAZY. It can get lonely being an artist. Keep going - your people are waiting for you on the other side.